why fast together as a church?

At Word Alive church we believe that fasting together helps us follow the direction of God. Fasting brings clarity from the voice of God and to avoid unnecessary trials that will come our way. When we fast we dont just give up food, fasting allows us to grow deeper with our creator and understand His next move of His presence.  When covid hit last year God prepared us by directing us to pray consistently as a church. In doing so the church and its people were blessed because of this sacrifice. By Gods voice, we now are aware that the world around us is increasingly growing worse. Since the world isnt changing, we as the body of Christ are to be that  change! The biggest change we can achieve through God will come by prayer and fasting! We ask that you prayerfully consider joining this prayer and fast with us! you can sign up with the link above to begin the amazing journey of getting closer with the Lord and all the blessings that follow!