Missionary Rodrigo Limpot

Pastor-Missionary Rodrigo Limpots heart is to reach out to the Filipino community for Christ! Over many years Word Alive church has supported the outreach of the good news of Jesus that has reached countless hearts and lives in the Philippines. If you would like to give into this amazing missionary outreach click here or visit our Give page!

Missionaries Mike and Pat Black

After our first missionary trip to Honduras in 1986, God put a hook in my heart to return to the mission field; full time, which turned out to be in Guatemala.

 I was 35 years old when we left America; I am now 67 and have been on the field with my wife Pat, for the last 31 years.          

Previous to our departure from the United States with our two little boys in 1990, we were pastors in Colorado and in Florida for several years.  Upon arriving in Guatemala, I started our missionary life as a teacher in a Bible School for Christian leaders and pastors, until we decided to start our own Bible School, which was very successful.


 Along the way, we started an elementary school for Indigenous Mayan children, which we eventually closed after many years.  In 1995, we founded the “Revival Center” Church in Guatemala City, which is a totally Spanish speaking church.  My wife and I continue as lead pastors in this church. We built a Ministry Center which we use today, established two very dynamic Children’s Church programs plus several Feeding Programs for children.  As our missionary experience grew… we adopted two Mayan children who are now grown and work with us full time in the ministry.  We took four abandoned teenagers under our wings, who lived in our ministry center, for several years; feeding, clothing, educating and loving them as parents.  


In 2005, we started a work in a remote desert mountainous community, reachable only by 4×4 vehicle or by hiking 3 hours up the mountain.  The name of this place is called “Piedra Ancha”. Among our many outreaches to this community, we have today an established Feeding Program for children there.


We have been involved in radio ministry, sharing the Word for the last 15 years, Monday through Friday, in Spanish.  We accommodate and work with short-term missions groups from the States as well as traveling to the United States to minister the Word of God in churches.


During our years on the mission field, we have seen countless healing miracles, demonic deliverances and supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit wherever we have ministered.


In conclusion, the Apostolic Call upon my life reaches out to all Hispanics,  regardless of where they live in the world.


Mike Black Ministries is a religious non-profit organization that is sustained by the generous donations of our friends and churches.

If you would like to give into this amazing missionary outreach click here or visit our Give page!

Missionaries Chris and Morgan Martinez

Dear Word Alive Church! The first day of  fall classes at CU Boulder is Monday, August 24rd. Over the next several weeks, the student population of over 30,000 men and women will be coming into Boulder and settling into their places of residence. After a year of various restrictions and degrees f lockdown in Boulder, we are very eager for the opportunities that an open campus brings. We know that so many students are in a place in life where they know that they desperately need change, and we will be there to introduce them to Jesus! 

Prayer Requests. As always we'd like to ask you to join us in prayer for the CU student body, that their hearts would be open to the good news of Jesus Christ, and that our staff would be richly empowered by the Lord to boldly proclaim the gospel. Secondly, please pray for the young men and women that have come into a relationship with Jesus over the last year, but have them in the Lord, to continue on in His grace! Lastly, please continue to pray for us personally, that our partnership team would grow, that new people would catch the vision for winning CU Boulder to Christ, and that they would join with us in this extremely important ministry! 

Updates. Our summer ministry continues to be rich with times of discipleship, prayer, and plenty of fellowship. Our staff is also continuing to conduct evangelistic Bible studies over Zoom with many students who are out of town.

Thank You! We could not do what we do in Boulder without the prayers, personal referrals, and financial commitments of our partnership team. We are so grateful and thankful for your partnership in Christ! 

Missions pages coming soon!

If you would like to give into a specific missions fund you can find each ministry here and on our Giving Page!


CU Boulder