Do you feel isolated in your business? Would you like to talk with people who have successful business experience? Do you desire a higher purpose but aren’t sure what that purpose is or how to achieve it? Are you tired of searching through countless leadership books and materials trying to find what you need? You are not alone.

Word Alive's Business Leaders is for you! You will have access to resources that help you become top-tier businesspeople and run successful businesses with clear purposes, not only in the marketplace but in life. You can also connect with other like-minded business leaders and build strong community.

We base everything we do on the only tried-and-true source for results—the Bible. We offer:

  1. Relevant and exclusive content delivered through innovative technology.
  2. Engaging events and training sessions with top leaders.
  3. The opportunity to build authentic relationships in a safe and protected environment.
  4. The ability to establish your work and leadership in God’s original design and purpose for your life.

If you are a business owner or want to learn more about starting a business, this is for you!

For more information, contact Pastor Don Dellos at 303.263.6348 or

Business networking breakfast

For more information please contact Pastor Don Dellos at 303.263.6348 or