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Divorce Recovery

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DivorceCare is a nondenominational program and support group that provides practical and biblical teaching to help people recover from divorce or separation. The DivorceCare program is comprised of three main parts:

Videos:  Encouraging and informative videos that feature divorce care experts

Support Groups:  Small group discussions about the weekly video content and issues faced by individual group members

Workbooks:  Journaling and personal study exercises, reinforce the weekly session topics

Each DivorceCare class lasts 13 weeks, and the classes are held throughout the year.

If you are interested in signing up for a class, please contact Rodney Fernandez at 720-434-2963.  

Rodney and ChrisAnn’s hope is that participants will discover that even when the path to healing looks overwhelming or impossible, it is possible on the path walked with God, for He never leaves their side.   


Rodney Fernandez & ChrisAnn Barber Rodney Fernandez & ChrisAnn Barber Divorce Recovery720-434-2963