Missionaries We Support

With your help, we're sharing His love.

Word Alive Ministries is dedicated to supporting and resourcing the local and global church. The last Sunday of the month is Missions Sunday. We encourage everyone to give a special offering each month to bless missionaries. Thank you for your financial support, we definitely cannot do it without you.


Missionaries We Support

Chris Martinez - CU - Boulder, Colorado, USA

Shaw and Darlene Barkat - Pakistan

Rodrigo Limpot - Philippines

Shaw & Darlene Barkat

Special Missionaries Report

Evangelist Shaw & Darlene Barkat

Pakistan Missionaries

Evangelist Shaw & Darlene are passionate visionaries that minister in countries like Pakistan and around the world. They reach the broken hearts & lost souls by spreading the love of God and uplifting the poor & needy people to give voice to the terrible forms of persecution plaguing the Christian church & people around the world.​​

"Please Participate & share our heart through you, with others to Love & Support those who are going through extreme circumstances."
Evangelist Shaw & Darlene​​
Phone: 720-388-5151
Email: tsohministries@gmail.com